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Luxury Discount Bedding

Luxury Discount Bedding – Take Inspiration From Celebrities

Luxury discount bedding makes it possible for you to have a bedroom that looks like it belongs to the rich and famous. But have you ever wondered what your favourite celebrity’s bed looks like? Below, we are going to reveal what type of bedding some of the most famous stars have opted for.

Let’s begin with ‘Friends’ star, Courtney Cox. She has opted for conservative shades, with white and grey bedding, finishing off with a beautiful black, grey and white blanket at the end of the bed. Her bed is dressed beautifully, with the colours gradually getting darker as you get towards the end of the bed. Another celebrity who has gone for neutral bedding is Cameron Diaz, although her pillows are patterned and her duvet features light embroidery, adding interest to the room, which has a cosy and classy feel. You may have guessed that Ivana Trump has a glamorous bedroom, and she does not disappoint. Again, she has opted for a plain duvet set, cream in this case, but she has dressed it up with patterned pillows and a gorgeous fur throw for the bottom of the bed. Purchasing cream discount bedding and dressing it up in such ways is an easy yet effective way to create a beautiful bed. Famous designer Donatella Versace opted for something more colourful. Her bedroom is an eclectic combination of modern and classic, and her bed optimises this. Her duvet set is a mustard shade, finished off with a multi-coloured blanket, which almost has a Moroccan feel.

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