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Duvets For Sale UK – Tog Ratings And Fill Power

Duvets for sale UK wide come with different tog ratings and fill power. It is important to know more about both qualities so that you can make the best decision when it comes to purchasing. Read on to find out what you need to learn.

Let’s begin with the tog rating, which is something you must consider when shopping in a duvet sale UK based, no matter what type of duvet you are looking for. The tog rating and filling influences the warmth, softness and weight of the duvet. The duvet’s ability to trap warm air determines the tog rating. Therefore, if you are looking for a warm duvet, you want a high tog rating, with 13.5 – 15 tog being the optimum options. If you are looking for a duvet for the summer months, 4.5 tog is ideal, and anything from 7 to 10.5 tog is perfect for both spring and autumn. One thing to note is that weight does not directly correlate with warmth. This is because natural-filled duvets are often lighter than synthetic filled duvets; however, natural filled duvets have better thermal properties, which means they can achieve the same warmth without the need for as much weight in them. The next factor to consider when buying this type of bedding is the fill power. This is only applicable to duvets containing feather or down. Fill power relates to the volume of filling. The more fill power, the better the quality of the duvet.

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