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Discount Bedding - What Fabric Should You Get?

Discount bedding is something you're inevitably going to look for when it comes to revitalising the bedding in your master bedroom, guest bedroom or even the kids' bedrooms. However, as you no doubt know, despite many discount bed sheets looking the same (the classic white, fresh look), not all are made the same way or with the same fabric. So it's all about finding the bed sheet sets that are right for you and your bedrooms. In this article, we go through some of the different fabrics you can get bed sheets in, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

The Different Types Of Bedding Fabrics

There are a whole variety of different types of bedding fabrics available when you shop for linens. Everything from the typical duo of cotton and linen to more opulent options such as satin and silk. But we should start with the former, which has long been the staple fabric combination for bedsheets and so on. Cotton is, of course, the most valued commodity in the world outside of food produce. This isn't just because it is durable, but because it is also easy to maintain, comfortable and completely affordable to most people. Polycotton also exists as a cheaper alternative to cotton, but has the advantage of being even easier to manage than cotton sets – not even requiring an iron. Then there's linen, which is a heavier fibre than cotton. It doesn't conduct heat as much as cotton sets, but can still be extremely comfortable. Cotton, polycotton and linen sets offer what make up a lot of the discount bed sheets on the market. Then, there is the more luxurious quality of cotton, such as cotton percale and Egyptian cotton. Percale comes from cotton yarn which is combed, giving the bed sets a smooth finish that is lovely to the touch. The thread count is also higher, which some believe to be a mark of quality and comfort. True, genuine Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt and is thought by many to be the most comfortable of all bed sheet materials; yet it is still possible to afford this luxury clearance bedding. While we could go on at greater length, those are the main fabric options available today.

Should I Buy Discount Bedding Online?

To answer this question, we only need to look at online selling as a whole. Bricks and mortar stores, whether on the high street or in shopping malls, were at one time the only option we had when buying discount bedding and other items. However, that has now changed. The introduction of online selling has opened up the market and given the consumers more chance of making savings than ever. Now, you're probably wondering how that answers the question of whether you should buy discount bedding online. But think of it like this: in the case of brick and mortar stores, why do you pay so much more? The answer is largely, of course, because shop retailers buy many of their products off third-party producers at a discount. In the case of bed sets, despite them being branded with retailers' names, the likelihood is that they have been specially made for that retailer. Online has changed the way this relationship works. Now consumers can approach the source of the products directly, cutting out the 'middle man' that is the retailer. This allows for the purchasing of discount luxury bedding sets straight from the producer. So, you may ask, how do you find these producers? Well, there is no need to go searching for them – because you've found them. At YouSleep, we're dedicated to bringing our quality, affordable bed sheets direct to the consumer and offer great sale savings in the process.

For Quality Discount Bedding, Come To YouSleep

Our team at YouSleep are committed to bringing high quality discount bedding straight to the consumer. From polycotton to 100% Egyptian cotton straight from the Nile Delta, you can find the finest materials at a great price. And that isn't just in relation to bed sheets, but other bedding fixtures such as pillows, duvets, duvet covers, toppers, protectors and other fabric accessories. So if you'd like to find out more about our range or take advantage of our great clearance prices and free delivery on orders over £65, please visit, call us on +44 (0)1706 357490 or email [email protected]