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Clearance King Bedding

Clearance King Bedding – Buying The Right Sized Pillows For You Bed

Clearance king bedding requires the right sized pillows. We all know that there are different sizes of duvet, but pillow sizes is something we tend to give very little consideration to. In fact, a lot of people don’t even realise that there are a number of different pillow sizes to choose from.

It is important to choose the right sized pillows for your bedding. After all, you want your bed to look neat and stylish, and if things are out of proportion it can have a detrimental impact on the overall look and feel of the bedroom. There are king size pillows available, which are longer than the average pillow. This is so that they offer edge-to-edge coverage for king size beds. You may also want to consider bolster pillows if you have a large bed, as this can add plushness and a grand feel to the bed. They are also designed for those who need extra body length support. If you are someone who tends to sleep with two pillows, you may want to consider a bolster pillow instead when looking for clearance bedding, as you will find this probably gives you enough support, and it has the added benefit of staying in place all night. As you know, two cushions tend to slip about with the movement of your head. So, what are the different pillow sizes? Well, king size is 91 x 48cm. You then have the usual, standard pillows, which are 48 x 74cm. Bolster pillows are 137 x 48cm. it is worth noting that these are also ideal for pregnant women. You can also get V-shaped pillows, which are 168 x 33cm, and they are most suitable for those needing orthopaedic support.

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