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Clearance Bedding

Clearance Bedding - Cotton Or Microfibre?

Clearance bedding often comes with considerations other than the price. If you're looking to benefit from a good deal and are making the choice between different types of bed sheets, you're going to want to focus on the qualities that each particular sheet will bring to the table. After all, bedding can be manufactured in all sorts of different ways with all sorts of different materials and fabrics. Two of the most common materials for bedsheets are cotton and microfibre. But how do you determine which is the best? What are the advantages to each material? We aim to answer those questions in this article.

The Advantages Of Polyester Microfibre Bedding Sheets

When it comes to cheap bedding made from microfibre, it's likely going to be made from polyester. Microfibre, in broad terms, is a synthetic composition made via the combination of fine fibres that are woven together. Microfibre materials are less than 1 denier, where denier is a unit that measures the density of fibres. Because of this, microfibres are made in a lab rather than from natural materials. These sheets will generally be very fine, but also smooth, strong and comfortable. For many years, microfibre has received a bad press compared to cotton. This is generally because of how the polyester version was woven in older manufacturing techniques from the 1950s. Today's polyester microfibre sheets are completely different. The stiff, non-breathing material of old has now been replaced by fabric that is soft, stain-resistant and wrinkle-free, due to an increase in the sheer amount of microfibre threads that appear per square inch of material. This makes it, surprisingly, far denser than cotton, which has less fibres per square inch than microfibre. Yet despite that density, the material is still light and breathable during the summer months, and warm during the winter months. Lastly, and most importantly, it's so easy to clean this type of material. Put it straight into the washing machine, dry it and it's ready to go straight back onto the mattress – no need for ironing! All of this comes at a really affordable price. These are the reasons why you'll often see microfibre as a popular choice in a bedding clearance sale instead of luxury bedding clearance items.

The Reasons Why Cotton Sheets Are So Popular In A Bedding Sets Clearance

Despite these advantages to microfibre, cotton also has many benefits too – making it a popular choice during bedding sets clearance sales. Cotton is one of the world's most popular and valued commodities. It has a unique softness to it and keeps anyone who sleeps on top of it feeling cool and fresh, no matter the weather. Cotton is also interesting in that it is hypoallergenic by nature, meaning that it doesn't tend to cause irritation to the skin. Cotton sheets also come in so many forms. For example, the extremely popular Egyptian cotton is considered by many to be the best material when it comes to bed sheets. Whenever there are bedding sets on clearance, you're likely to find that Egyptian cotton sheets will be the fastest to sell out. Cotton is generally a little pricier than polyester microfibre sheets due to its sheer quality, but hunting down a good deal can always make this slight premium more acceptable. It is also worth noting that it's possible to find polycotton sheets. This is a blend of polyester microfibre and cotton. This offers the advantages that comes from both materials (such as no need to iron) and is a very good alternative to cotton if you don't have much money to spend on clearance bedding. So now that you can see the benefits of these sheet materials, where can you find them at a good price? Well, YouSleep have been producing quality and affordable cotton, Egyptian cotton, polyester and polycotton sheets for decades.

No Matter The Clearance Bedding Sheets You Seek, YouSleep Can Help

We all like the prices that can come from clearance bedding sales, but we often ask why certain prices are so low. With YouSleep, we guarantee quality bedding at affordable prices. We can do this because we're coming direct to you – the consumer – instead of selling through retailers. What's not to like about getting more value for your money? Additionally, we offer discounts and special offers, as well as free delivery on orders over £65. To find out about our ranges of bed linen, please visit, call +44 (0)1706 357490 or email us via [email protected]