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Cheap Duvets UK Wide - Are They Better Than Comforters?

Cheap duvets UK wide make all of us happy. Given that duvets can prove to be quite an investment, it's no surprise that we like a good deal when it comes to finding a new one. However duvets aren't the only option when it comes to topping off your bedding. Comforters are seen as an alternative to duvets. Yet many people aren't really sure about the differences between these two products. Are they just interchangeable words for the same thing? If they're different, what makes one better than the other? Which one should you buy?

Defining Duvet Bedding

Duvets are actually slightly different to comforters. Sometimes, however, the words are used interchangeably. But there is a definite difference between these two bedding uk products. Before we start, we're going to have to come up with some pretty clear definitions for what constitutes a duvet. First of all, the duvet has a rich history that can be traced back to the era of the Vikings in Norway. Duvets were soon appropriated by the wealthy of Europe sometime around the 16th century. These duvets were very different to what we have today, of course, which have been constructed so that they are affordable, comfortable and of a quality that is expected in this modern world. Duvets are soft, flat bags that are filled with a soft fabric, fibre or material such as feathers, wool, silk, down or quality synthetic alternatives such as polyester. The bags themselves can be made from the likes of cotton, polycotton, microfibre and more. They're often protected by duvet covers, but some people like to use just the duvet on its own. Duvets are made to be thick; while comforters are quite thin. Comforters do not need covers as they come with pre-printed designs and colours on them already. Many people do tend to prefer buying discount duvet covers and cheap duvets online to comforters. However, due to their similarities, it's very possible for some people to confuse a comforter with an actual duvet.

What Is Best - Comforters Or Cheap Duvets Sets?

When it comes to looking at which is best – comforters or cheap duvets sets – we need to delve a bit deeper into their respective attributes. A duvet is generally the size of the bed you buy it for, while a comforter will usually be larger than your bed. For many people, this adds to the impracticality of comforters. While many are machine washable, the whole item must be put in the machine, as opposed to duvets where only the removable cover needs to be cleaned. Some people may not even have a washing machine drum large enough to accommodate a comforter, while all of us could fit a duvet cover in. If this is a concern, then a duvet is the better option. Also, some people dislike the untidy look of a comforter that trails over the side of a bed or on the ground. It's also clear that due to the thicker and more extensive material found in duvets, they are warmer than comforters. So if heat is a consideration during the night – which it usually is if you live in the UK during the winter months – then a duvet is going to be the winner. After all, you can always remove a duvet if the weather is too warm. For this reason, duvets are better suited to most people. Of course, price is a consideration that we all have. Where can you find quality, discount duvet cover sets and cheap duvets UK wide? You can find them at YouSleep.

YouSleep Have Been Providing Cheap Duvets UK Wide For 30 Years

YouSleep's team has been responsible for providing bedding to hoteliers and retailers across the UK for over 30 years. But now that we can connect directly with customers online, we're here to offer you cheap duvets UK wide and directly to you – no 'middle men' involved! Our quality duvets utilise popular materials such as polycotton, microfibre and polyester to create a blend of affordable, luxurious duvets for everyone to enjoy. To find out more and benefit from special offers and discounts, please visit, email [email protected] or give our Rochdale office a call on +44 (0)1706 357490.