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Cheap Duvets Sets

Cheap Duvets Sets – Duvet Construction

Cheap duvets sets are an excellent way to give your bed a makeover and ensure that the sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover all look great together. However, before you can even begin to consider what style of duvet set to go for, you need to buy your duvet first.

From the type of filling and the size of the duvet to the tog rating and the brand, there is a lot to bear in mind when looking for cheap duvets UK wide. One important factor that is often overlooked is the construction of the duvet. It is vital to find the perfect match for you, because each one varies when it comes to the warmth, price and comfort of the inset. Let’s begin with baffle box and box (or ‘sewn-through’) duvets. The former is one of the priciest options because it is warm and exceptionally comfortable. With a baffle duvet, stripes of fabric are sewn within the top and bottom of the duvet to create soft inner walls or boxes. Each of the boxes contains the same amount of filling and the inner walls of each box holds that in place. This ensures an even distribution across the whole of the duvet. A sewn-through, or box stitch, construction is more affordable, as stitching simply runs between the top and bottom layers of the duvet across its length. Again, the idea is to keep the filling evenly distributed. However, because there are no internal walls, as there are in the baffle box duvet, there is less space for filling. The sewn-through or box stitch duvet is therefore more suitable for lighter weight duvets, ideal for the warmer months. The box stitch duvet is definitely one of the most popular choices.

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