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Cheap Bedding With Good Quality Linen: Is It Possible?

Cheap bedding is something that everyone looks for. After all, most humans have relied on bedding to keep them warm and comfortable at night for hundreds of years. But if you have limited financial resources at your disposal, you're hardly in a position to opt for the most expensive bedding on the planet. But what if it were possible to find quality bed sheets at an affordable price? It’s not as impossible as it may sound. In this article, we'll provide you with a small guide to let you know how you can do just that.

What Is Quality Bedding?

So before we talk about the quality, best price bed linen that is out there, we first need to define quality bedding. What does that mean? Doesn't all bedding have a certain quality to it? Well, think of this example: why is it that a bed sheet in a hotel always feel nicer than a bed sheet from home? There could be a few reasons, but one of the main ones is that because hotels will source the most comfortable bed linen they can. Why? Because, ultimately, we judge hotels on how good a sleep we get. It isn't just the quality of bed that helps, because we won't notice the comfortable bed if we're being bothered by uncomfortable, scratchy cheap queen bedding sets that are low on quality. So some bed sheets are better than others. There are a number of materials that have grown to become what most people consider to be integral to the term 'quality' bedding. The likes of 100% pima, Sea Island or Egyptian cotton have become the 'gold standard' for bed sheets. Some people do prefer satin sheets for their glamorous look, but they often annoy those who buy them because they can be rather slippery to touch and this friction causes them to heat up too much for most people's liking. Linen is another popular fabric option, but comes in a range of qualities and can be cheap and nasty. You're never sure what you will be getting with linen. So cotton is the fabric option that offers the most quality while still maintaining an affordable price tag for most people.

So What Can I Choose Out Of The Affordable Bedding Cotton Options?

So now that we can see that cotton is the quality option that constitutes affordable discount bedding for most, we need to look at a few of the different cotton sheet options. First of all, if we're talking about cheap bedding, we should start with polycotton sets. As the name suggests, this is a blend of polyester and soft cotton. It's ideal for those who maybe don't have as much money to play with, but want to have an alternative to linen bed sets at a good price. It's also great for those with little time to spare as it is known to dry quickly and doesn't require much in the way of ironing. This makes it easy to care for, but still of a good quality. Then there's brushed cotton. Due to the way that it is woven, brushed cotton can be softer and more comfortable to touch. Yet when it comes to the best and finest cotton in the world for bed sheets, nothing really competes with Egyptian cotton. Not only does it have more softness than brushed cotton, it also has great strength and durability. While that sounds as if it might be quite heavy, it's actually incredibly lightweight. The material allows for these sets of sheets to be cool in the summer, yet warm during the winter months. In terms of what to look for, you'll definitely want to make sure you're buying 100% Egyptian cotton from the Nile Delta – this is known as being the best quality. At YouSleep, we provide low priced bedding – including genuine Egyptian cotton – that all can afford.

YouSleep Brings You Cheap Bedding That You'll Love

At YouSleep, our team have decades of experience producing some of the best bed sheets and sets around to hoteliers and retailers. But we wanted to reach out to customers and cut out the 'middle man' to give consumers cheap bedding that is packed full of comfort and quality. So if you'd like comfy bed sheets at comfy discount costs, head over to to see our full range of bedding fabrics and bed accessories. Alternatively, if you'd like to know more information about our bed products or sets, please call us on +44 (0)1706 357490 or email [email protected]