Duvet Size Guide
Single W137 x L198cm (54" x 78")
Double W198 x L198cm (78" x 78")
King W228 x L220cm (90" x 86")   
Super King    W260 x L220cm (102" x 86")   

If you are still deciding on what duvet size to purchase, then our short guide should help you to understand what sized duvet best suits your specific needs:

As a standard rule, duvets are created to match up neatly with a bed of the same size. However, if the measurements don't quite seem to add up, then dont despair!......duvets are intentionally created a little bigger than that of the intended bed size - allowing a little extra length & width for drape.

UK duvets are all created equally (at least in terms of measurements!)* - and so all of our duvets will fit any duvet cover purchashed here or elsewhere, with the corresponding size.

It is not recommended to buy a size up (or down) from the required size, as duvets are created to offer an extremely comfortable fit, without excessive draping - which may actually hinder the duvets performance.

*Duvet sizes may differ a cm or two across retailers - but as textile based products are flexible, this is nothing that would really affect things as far as retrofitting is concerned.