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Bedding Blues: How To Find Quality, Affordable Bed Sheets

Bedding is perhaps not something we always tend to see as a luxury item. Of course, many hoteliers will instantly disagree with that. When people look at reviews for staying at guest houses and hotels, they'll be looking to find out how well guests slept. A big part of this experience isn't just the bed or outside noise, but the bed sheets too. Yet that's being a guest; what about your everyday life? We spend a significant part of our lives in our own beds, so why shouldn't we feel comfortable on a nightly basis? The benefits of better bed sheets are pretty clear, but are prices for these luxury items affordable?

The Benefits Of Great Bedding UK Wide - An Historical Perspective

Bedding UK wide is something that almost everyone without exception will have in their homes. Yet when it comes to purchases that improve the quality of our lives, it's not the first thing that many people will think of. Yet, as previously mentioned, bedding is a constant requirement on an everyday basis. That's grown to be the case since the days of 3400 BC, when the pharaohs of Egypt decided to sleep on raised surfaces. Bed linen soon followed; however it wasn't for the more practical reasons that we see today. It was seen as a symbol of purity and of one's affluence. This Egyptian linen, such as the Egyptian cotton that’s still popular today, was so revered that even mummies were wrapped in it. That's pretty high praise. Linen continued to be a fixture of prosperity in other cultures such as the Roman Empire and within the Renaissance period. It's no surprise that bed linen continues to be valued today. However, we tend to see our bedsheets from a more practical standpoint. They provide us with warmth during cold nights, they protect our mattresses and they help maintain good hygiene. That has perhaps led to us undervaluing the real value of our sheets, whether we opt for quality luxury or clearance bedding.

So What Should You Look For In Sheets From Bedding Companies?

It's easy to assume that all bed linen and bed sheets are equal because really, they tend to look the same, apart from colour of course. But naturally, different bedding companies will produce different qualities. Have you heard about thread count? Do you consider the fabric that your bed sheets are constructed from? These are just a couple of factors to take into account when it comes to choosing new sheets in a bedding sale UK wide. In terms of thread count, the general principle is that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will feel on your skin. While extremely expensive and often unaffordable to most people, even in the best high street bed linen sale, sheets can have thread counts right up to 1,000. However, good-quality, luxurious and affordable sheets can usually be found in the 200 range. This quality of bed linen will prove more durable than cheaper options and feel great to sleep on, making for a more regulated sleeping temperature. Just as important, though, is the fabric. Wool, cotton and synthetic materials can all be used in the production of bedding. If you're finding that your current sheets are irritating your skin, no matter what the thread count, it might be worth considering a different fabric to the one you normally buy.

What's The Best Way To Find Discount Bedding?

When it comes to looking for discount bedding that still provides quality and comfort, it can quickly become a confusing task. You'll find that any high-street retailers who sell great quality linen will tend to charge a premium for the best bedsheets. Yet when you go to a hotel, somehow they manage to have great quality bed linen in hundreds of rooms. How can they afford such a big investment? Well, it's not necessarily that all hoteliers are incredibly rich, it's that they buy direct from the producers of the sheets. When it comes to finding sheets and cheap duvets UK wide, it's rare to find a high-street retailer that has its own production facility for producing bed sheets and linen. Instead, the retailer will approach a manufacturer and have sheets made with their own branding. However, this will have ramifications for those who are buying the sheets and linen off those retailers. Because of that extra step between the producer and the consumer, the consumer will be charged more money. That's a fact of life, right? In the past, yes; but today it doesn't have to be.

The Secret To Finding Cheap Bedding

So what's the secret to finding cheap bedding? Constantly be on the lookout for a bed linen or duvet sale UK wide? Some of us just don't have the time to constantly browse around in search of a deal. This often leads to many people settling for less in terms of quality, because it’s what they can afford. But these days, as noted above, the traditional route from producer to retailer and finally onto the end-consumer has dramatically changed. This is thanks to the equalising effect of online shopping. This doesn't just see retailers take their produce online, but also allows producers to connect directly to customers – in effect, cutting out 'the middle man'. The removal of this one step has the effect of reducing costs to the consumer. This is because it can also reduce costs to the producer. There's no need to produce specific branded sheets for retailers: instead they can provide end-user customers directly with products that are fresh off the production line. Your linen won't have been sitting in a dusty retail stockroom environment for a year, but coming straight to you from the manufacturer. But how do you find such a producer? Well, we're glad to point you in the direction of our fantastic online store, YouSleep.

Welcome To Affordable Bedding With YouSleep

It’s a fact of life that quality bedding can be expensive. However, that only really needs to be the case when it comes to traditional forms of purchasing from brick and mortar stores. If you search online, you'll find YouSleep. We've been crafting high-quality bed linen, sheets, duvets and pillows for hotels and retailers for over 30 years. Now we think it's time to bring that quality, value and service direct to consumers. To see our range of affordable, quality bed sheets, duvets and pillows, head over to, call us on +44 (0)1706 357490 or email [email protected] if you'd like to know more.