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Bedding Online UK – Getting The Right Fit

Bedding online UK delivery is no doubt what you are looking for if you have landed on this post. Of course, when buying bedding, one of the most important things to do is make sure it fits properly. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

Before you can begin shopping for bedding UK wide, you need to know what size your mattress is so that you can buy bedding that will fit. The most common sizes are king, queen and twin size beds, with full and California king size beds also available. This makes life a little bit easier when shopping, as you are able to simply look for bedding with the correct mattress size on it. Bed sheets, duvet covers and such like should all be labelled in regards to mattress size. Nevertheless, you do need to bear in mind the fact that mattresses can differ in thickness up to seven inches. This is important because you want your bed sheet to go all the way around the side of the mattress. There is nothing worse than sitting on your bed and discovering that the corners of the sheets have pinged off. One great way to save money if you have a queen size bed is to go for a full-size flat sheet instead. Not only is this good for the bank balance, but it looks neater too, as there will not be as much material hanging over the edge of your bed. You will need to look after your sheets as well: store some extra ones in a dry and cool area, such as a drawer, and line with acid-free tissue paper to stop them from turning yellow.

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