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Bedding Companies

Bedding Companies - How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Bedding companies are where many customers are turning to today when it comes to looking for their bed sheets. While that may sound a bit obvious, it hasn't always been the case. Even in the recent past when the internet wasn’t as readily available, consumers were limited to buying bedding from high street and shopping centre retailers. Because they had a captive audience as it were, retailers could afford to mark up their prices, despite the fact that they weren't often the ones directly producing this bedding. Although branded with the retailers’ names, production of the bedding itself was more likely to have been outsourced to a bedding company.

Determining Which Bedding Is Best

So if you are now looking to buy bedding from one of the many online bedding companies, you're likely to be buying exactly the same sort of bed sheets that you see in retailers – just without paying a cut to the middle man. This has the potential to save customers a lot of money; not just in regards to bed sheets, but with all sorts of products. But although the retailer is now removed from the picture, what doesn't change is that there are still differences in the manufacturing processes and materials used by particular bed linen sale manufacturers. If you've been searching around in the hope of finding some new quality bed sheets at a great price, you're likely to have come across the term 'thread count'. The count refers to how many threads have been woven into just 1 square inch. However, this number can be manipulated by many manufacturers by adding extra threads (known as ‘picks’) to the weave that bump up the thread count without adding anything to the quality. It's why so many high street retailers have been investigated in the past year for selling sheets that are advertised as having a thread count of up to 1,000, despite the true number being less than half of that figure. So if you're looking to determine if certain bed sheets are better than others, keep in mind that the thread count figure might not be the last word in terms of choosing quality bed linen.

So Which Bedding Manufacturers Can I Trust?

The best tip here is always to look at the wording and descriptions provided by each of the bedding manufacturers. For example, if they're selling Egyptian cotton sheets, does it give you a figure of how much Egyptian cotton was involved in the production? If it isn't described as 100% Egyptian cotton, then the reality is that it could be anything from 5-95% Egyptian cotton. The best bedding companies that offer Egyptian cotton sheets will be keen to point out that the thread they use genuinely does come from Egypt. Today, that generally means from the Nile Delta in northern Egypt. If bedding companies don't offer details of the source of their Egyptian cotton, then it may be that it's not the real deal. The key is to examine the wording closely. Trusted manufacturers will not try to manipulate their customers; and ultimately, the quality and durability of their products will speak for themselves. Other considerations include environmental factors. Good manufacturers will honour their commitment to reducing and preventing pollution as well as complying with all environmental legislation, and will inform you on their website of the steps they take to do so. Finally, quality assurance standards are important if you want to ensure you’re buying truly fine bed sheets. So who can you trust to account for all of these considerations? Well, our team at YouSleep has been manufacturing and producing bed sheets for over 30 years. We are committed to the above considerations; and our attention to great customer service for both returning and new customers is second to none.

YouSleep Provides Better Quality, Value And Customer Satisfaction Than Other Bedding Companies

Words only say so much: it's actions that define us. At YouSleep, we've been providing bedding to hoteliers and retailers for over 30 years. Only bedding companies built on a foundation of trust and dedication to quality could last so long. We approach our customers openly and honestly – from the moment you connect with us to the moment you receive your new bed sheets, duvets, pillows or more. To see just exactly what we're all about, head over to Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about what we do, feel free to email [email protected] or call our offices on +44 (0)1706 357490.