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Bed Linen Sale - Looking For Egyptian Cotton?

Bed linen sale and deals are what a lot of people look for when it's time to buy some new bed sheets. While linen is a popular option, many of us want to take advantage of the increasingly affordable quality of Egyptian cotton. As far as bedding goes, genuine Egyptian cotton has pretty much become one of the must-have bedroom accessories. In this article we're going to go through what Egyptian cotton is, why it's so popular and where you can buy it from at a really reasonable price that doesn't break the bank.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding - What Is It?

As a fabric used in creating bedding, cotton has been woven for centuries upon centuries. But in recent years, it is Egyptian cotton that has become the staple of luxury bedrooms. It comes from a type of cotton plant called 'Gossypium barbadense'. Egyptian cotton is also known as ELS (extra-long staple) cotton and can offer a higher thread count over other fabrics. As such, higher thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets can be extremely expensive – far outside of the affordable range for most people. Because of this, many people seek out Egyptian cotton at a lower thread count than these pricey options. This lower thread option is still stupendously luxurious feeling and most would have a hard time noticing the difference between the two. Because of this fascination with the fabric, it is only inevitable that cheap 'knock-offs' are made. Retailers may claim that they are selling Egyptian cotton bed sheets, but don't include what percentage is made of this cotton and where it has come from. So if you see cheap bed linen online that claims to be Egyptian cotton, but doesn't include any more information than that, then be wary. True producers of Egyptian cotton bed sets and covers will be extremely keen to let you know that they are selling the real deal and don't have to rely on manipulation to sell their Egyptian cotton or discount linen bedding companies.

Why Is Egyptian Cotton So Sought After In A Bed Linen Online Sale?

The obvious answer as to why Egyptian cotton is so popular in a bed linen online sale is that it offers better value for money than other fabrics such as linen and polycotton. While affordable Egyptian cotton sheets may still be more costly in a bed linen sale, the saving is too good for a lot of people to pass up. Making sure you get genuine Egyptian cotton is important, as noted above. True 100% Egyptian cotton will show its quality over time. The length and strength of the fibres makes these sheets strong and resistant to the stresses of everyday use and care. If looked after correctly and properly cleaned, Egyptian cotton sheets should last 10 years – possibly even more. You'll even notice the sheets getting softer over time too, which is a mark of true quality. Imposter sheets can be made with as little as 5% Egyptian cotton, and still be marketed as 'Egyptian Cotton'. However, they simply will not last as long. When looking to buy any discount bed linen online, no matter what the fabric, always pay close attention to what the description tells you about the product. A good producer of cotton bed sheets or linen will be glad to include details of the materials they use. When it comes to YouSleep, we're no different. Our closely woven, 200 thread count Egyptian cotton is 100% cotton percale fabric – sourced straight from the banks of the Nile Delta in northern Egypt.

If You Want Egyptian Cotton At A Bed Linen Sale Price, Come To YouSleep

At YouSleep, we've been working for over three decades in the fabrics industry. Over that time, we've built the infrastructure to allow consumers to buy their bedsheets direct from the producer at prices comparable to a bed linen sale or clearance sale at a retail shop. Whether you're looking for affordable Egyptian cotton sheets or a brand new velvet or satin duvet cover, we can help. Don't be fooled by our prices being so reasonable; the quality of our bedding is undeniable. So don't miss out on our great offers, visit to order now. If you'd like to know more about our production process, feel free to call +44 (0)1706 357490 or email [email protected]